Azure AD Connect – Setup an Azure AD Directory

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At this point I’ve got a test AD setup on my IaaS ad-vm which kind of represents an “on-premise” environment.  Next up, I need to setup a directory Azure side which I can then synchronise to.

Setting Up An Azure AD

I was hoping to do this with PowerShell but couldn’t find the cmdlets and I reckon that’s because they don’t exist.  If I was going to take a guess then it would be that MS don’t want people programmatically creating directories in AAD: one errant loop and someone could overload a cornerstone of Microsoft’s cloud platform.  Also, to be fair to MS, creating a directory is kind of a one-off event for most people so there’s probably not a lot of demand/incentive for developing cmdlets to do it.

So to the GUI I went, and not even the new one, instead this had to be done from:

First up, I created a new directory via the standard “New” button:

AAD Create Directory

As standard, all directories are created in the domain and need to have a unique name.  Luckily for me, irankon hadn’t been taken already:

AAD Directory Options

Add a Custom Domain

An domain is all fine and well but in reality everyone is going to want to add their own domain and I want my test lab to mirror reality as much as possible.

So for that I need to add a custom domain, which is another GUI operation I’m afraid.


For my domain name I specified for no other reason than that I know I can get that domain for free for 12 months (more about that in the next post)

AAD Custom Domain

I left the ADFS box unticked for now but I’m hoping I can go back and change the later. We’ll have to wait and see…

And that’s as simple as it is, although at this point my custom domain is unverified and doesn’t actually mean a lot but I’ll fix that in my next post.


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