When Google Met WikiLeaks

Very short post, this one, just to recommend a book I recently read: When Google Met WikiLeaks.

OR Book Going Rouge

I don’t read nearly as much as I should, or would like to.  I blame the fact that my commute to work is by car rather than public transport.  When I used to catch a bus to work I got through a fair few books but that abruptly stopped when my company bus service stopped and I was forced to drive in each day.  Now I get through a fair few BBC Radio 4 programmes each week instead, which isn’t necessarily a terrible trade-off!

What that means is that after getting this book as a Christmas present from my wife, it sat unread on my book shelf for 18 months.  Recently though, I finally got around to reading it and would thoroughly recommended it to anyone else.  Essentially the book is a transcript of a conversation between Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt that, whilst illuminating in itself, is punctuated with commentary/opinion from Assange on what lies below the glossy marketing surface at Google – which, quite frankly, is pretty scary stuff.

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